We have two females and a male who are parents to these lovely puppies . The white female had a litter of 6 pups and just Atlas, Carver, Ellie, Oliver  and Fancy are left. she is called Brandy and is 6 years old. This is her second litter and she weighs 70 lbs. She is very healthy and very intelligent female. She listens to orders and she can take very good care of all puppies like they all are hers.

Next is Mia, she is 6 years old too. She had a litter of 5 and just Charlie, Marky , Tippy,  and Jennica are left. she weighs 70 lbs and she is very aggressive to intruders especially when she sees a stranger around the pups. She will be having another litter by the end of october.

King is the head of the house. He gets along more with his pups and loves to play with them. He is 7 years old, weighs 75 lbs. He has sired in total 29 puppies and he is still very strong and healthy and every one loves him because he is very intelligent and always on alert. He is a good guard dog. He likes to watch Tv and can understand every command you give.

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